LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)

Learn about LinkedIn's SSI feature and how Kennected helps monitor it and track your SSI progress.

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(Last Edited April 11th, 2022)

What is the SSI?

SSI stands for Social Selling Index, this is a LinkedIn metric that determines your profile's rank. 

What to consider to get better results and a better outreach?

1. If your LinkedIn profile is optimized.
2. Outreach campaigns are high quality (hyper-targeted audience & networking approach messages built into the Kennected Sequence)

Four Pillars that builds the SSI Score

1. Professional Brand
2. Find Right People
3. Insight Engagement
4. Build Relationships

How to Improve the SSI Score?

Establish Professional Brand:
Your LinkedIn account needs to be completed with a profile picture, banner image, headline statement, summary on the About Section, Recommendations and Skills, and Endorsements filled out as well. 

Finding the Right People:
Define your audience with a hyper-targeted search, connecting with the decision-makers in your industry and engage with them.

Engaging with Insights
Posting and interacting with other people's posts on your homescreen, posting comments, liking posts can help you have a higher SSI score.

Building Relationships
This is defining on strengthening your network by finding trust in people related to your niche. Kennected will help you initiate conversations with your audience, make sure that you have a targeted search by using the Boolean Search or a Sales Navigator search.

Where to find your rank status based on your SSI score?

Click the question mark (?)

You will be redirected to LinkedIn, click "Get Your Score Free"

You can see where you rank in your Industry and Network

Industry - refers to everyone that has the same niche as you
Network - refers to your rank based on your 1st-degree connections.

Optimum SSI

  • Low - 60
  • High - 80

How to engage and boost my SSI Score?

The best way to do increase your SSI Score is to engage with others every day on LinkedIn.

  • Take at least 10 minutes a day to like and comment on relevant content
  • Share - either by creating your own content or by sharing relevant content (position yourself as an expert by sharing content and news in your timeline)
  • Reach out to people - joining groups also helps
  • Connect with others and grow your network (Premium subscribers can take advantage of InMail)

LinkedIn says that a good SSI score is at 80% and above. Kennected likes to see its users anywhere between 60% and 80% for maximum effectiveness. After all, too high of a score can mean you're TOO productive on LinkedIn - such that it makes other parts of your life less productive.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the "What is SSI" feature, contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page