Using Templates in the KennectedReach Help Centre

ATTENTION: Check this out before using our Help Centre templates.


A/B Tested Outreach Templates are composed of connection requests and cadence variants and include three different introduction and follow-up messages.


These are great building blocks to help you get started with your outreach campaigns in the easiest and most effective way. All KennectedReach’s templates have been tested by our team to build your first-degree connections successfully, ensuring you can easily see your inbox filled with replies.


Use our cadences as inspiration! Our clients see a lot of success when they get creative. For instance, you can apply the following sequence to your initial campaign: 


  • Take Step 1 from Cadence #1

  • Step 2 from Cadence #3

  • and Step 3 from Cadence #5 to build your own personalized outreach strategy using our in-built templates.


Some templates available within KennectedReach’s library are industry-specific, so you can be sure your outreach message is personalized, facilitating better results. At the same time, there is always room for you to alter communication to match your style, tone, and voice. Include your brand’s unique selling point (USP) or unique value proposition (UVP) in your emails to stand out and attract more prospects to your offering.


Our team has identified several key elements to be included in the first message of each cadence to introduce your USP, ensuring clarity and driving conversion.


KennectedReach's messaging includes variables that allow you to leverage the most important data points and personalize your messaging for each prospect that you are connecting to.



Most Popular Variables:

  • First Name: {first_name};

  • Company Name: {company_name} ;

  • Job Title: {occupation};

  • Profile Location: {location}.


Additional Variables:

  • Last Name: {last_name};

  • Years at current company: {years_in_company};

  • Number of Positions on Profile: {total_career_positions_count};

  • Number of years in career: {total_years_in_career};

  • Name of {college_name}.


Pay attention to any double brackets, as these are variables that you need to strategically choose and alter based on your outreach objectives. There is no autofill for this formatting.