Unusual Sign-In Attempt to LinkedIn

Your IP address in LinkedIn is showing you in a different location

Watch the video or continue reading for written explanation

Did LinkedIn send you a notification about a sign-in attempt?

How to find out if your IP address just hit a different LinkedIn server, or if your account may be at risk

  1. Sign in to LinkedIn, click on "Me" and in the drop-down menu, select "Settings & Privacy"
  2. On the left-hand side, select "Sign-In & Security"
  3. Select "Where you're signed in"
  4. Copy the IP address listed with the unusual location
  5. In a new tab, search for an "IP locator" (you don't have to use a particular one)
  6. Once in a locator tool, paste and search for the IP address 

Hopefully, it pulls up San Francisco, CA. This is where LinkedIn is headquartered, so it is the true origin of all of their IPs. If this is the case, your account should be safe. 

What if the IP locator shows the location elsewhere?

This would be a sign that your account may not be secure. We recommend "ending" that session inside of LinkedIn. You can do this from the "Where you're signed in" page, you will just need to enter your password. 

Once you have done that, go ahead and change your LinkedIn password as an extra security measure.