Team Management /Admin Panel

If you are an Admin and have Teammates or Clients under your account, then this feature is for you!

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This feature is for Admins who have teams underneath them in Kennected

(Last Edited April 11th, 2022)

The Admin Panel is divided into Teammate and Team Metrics.


Inside of the Teammates, you can see everyone who is a sub-user of your account. Additionally, you can check a few things here:

View Status: Good OR Need Attention (The sequence is completed or the sequence is out of target audience. If this is the only sequence you're running, create a new one.)

Connected to LinkedIn?

Each teammate will have a small icon stating if LinkedIn account is connected or disconnected. If an account is disconnected to LinkedIn, they are unable to send any messages or invites because they are not synced up with LinkedIn.


Download Teammates Reports (CSV File)

You can export a report from each teammate. Choose the dates, the CSV file will include invites sent, accepted invites, and responses received per date.

View Last 7 Days Statistics

Review the sequence statistics under each teammate by clicking on the View button.


As the admin of the account, log in at any time to your teammate's account. Create sequences, edit, review, download prospect lists.  

When you click in Login, you will get this window, click on Login, and access teammates' account.

You will then be routed to their account and you can manage it for them. If in case the teammate is on vacation and you would want to set up a new sequence for them.

When done, go back to your account by clicking on "Back to Admin" at the top of the page. The background will change to light grey & white, you'll know you are on your own version of Kennected.


Are they a teammate or client? What is the difference?

Teammate is anyone who's on the same team that you want to be able to share templates and you want to make sure you have shared Blocklist.

Client is if you are using Kennected to do outreach on behalf of other people. They don't necessarily need a Blocklist to be shared.


Top Sequneces this Week

It will show you the Top Performing Sequences from the week. When you click on the sequence "Details", you can view Statistics, Sequence Name, Sequence Type, Target Audience, Working hours, and Messages.

Top Sequences this Week will allow you to track which sequence has great performance, take that strategy and pass it along to the rest of the team members.

Sequence Statistics

You will also see the overall sequence statistics for the whole team and the breakdown of how many connections and responses your team is getting.

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