Suppression Feature and Options

Learn about Kennected's suppression feature and how to effectively utilize it.

(Last Edited April 13th, 2022)

The SUPPRESSION button will allow you to stop all automated messages from going out to 1st Degree connections made using the software.

This video will help you answer the following:

  1. 2 different ways to use the suppression button

  2. UnBlock a 1st Degree Connection using the Suppression Button

  3. How to Suppress a connection made on LinkedIn before using Kennected? 

Apply the Suppression feature if you encounter any of the scenarios below:

  • If someone you've connected with, replies they're not interested and do not want to receive future messages from you, suppress them. In the future, if you create a First Degree Message sequence, they will not receive the message.

  • If someone turned into a client from an outreach/campaign from Kennected, you need to suppress them so they won't receive any of your first-degree messaging.  

2 different ways to use the suppression button

Suppress contacts from the Prospect Data

  1. Go to Prospect Data

  2. Filter by Accepted

  3. Click the Suppression Icon

4. A pop-up message will show "Person has been blocked"click OK.

Suppress contacts from the Inbox 


How to UnBlock a 1st Degree Connection using the Suppression Button?

If you wish to unblock a connection so that he or she will receive your first-degree messages, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Go back to Prospects.

  2. Select Accepted.

  3. Find the name of the connection you want to Unblock and click the circle icon.

4. A pop-up message will show confirming that "Person has been unblocked" and will be taken off from the Suppression List, click OK

How to suppress a connection made in LinkedIn before using Kennected? 

For connections that were added before using the Kennected software, you can still suppress them by adding them manually to Blocklist. 

  1. Go to Blocklist

  2. Select Profile

  3. Add the LinkedIn profile URL and Add to Blocklist

  4. Find the name you want to suppress and click the circle icon

5. A pop-up message will show "Person has been blocked". This person is blocked from receiving a message from you. Click OK to confirm.

Reminder: This feature will ONLY APPLY to first-degree connections.

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