Sequence is not Sending Invites - Wrong Link

Learn about why your sequences may not be sending out invitations, as well as a simple fix to the issue.

"My sequence is not sending out invites; the activity log says 'wrong link'."

To give some further context on the issue, there are 4 basic filters when targeting your audience on LinkedIn. 

  1. Start your search with the titles, industries or keywords you are looking for in prospects' profiles
    1. Examples: "CEO", "CIO", "Business Owner", "Looking for Opportunities", "CEO" OR "Owner", "Founder" AND "IT"
  2. Choose "People"
  3. Connections (2nd & 3rd) assuming it is an invitation sequence
  4. Location: This could be one state, several states < 30, or country

NOTE:  Make sure to check your spelling and spacing of your keyword

You can add as many filters to your search as you like, but if your search is missing one of the above fields, this will be considered a "wrong link" and the sequence won't function properly.

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