LinkedIn Notification - "Use of Automated Tool"

Key Factors to Avoid and Guidelines to Follow

LinkedIn may email or show this message upon log-in when an account has increased activity levels over a sustained period. This is a message to ensure your activity is staying within LinkedIn's guidelines regarding sending invites, messages, InMails, and profile interaction.
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Things to Avoid:

1.) Sudden change of activities like sending too many invitations or messages abruptly
2.) Too many profile views -  Removing "People also Viewed" from Your LinkedIn Profile
3.) Manually sending invitations through LinkedIn while using Kennected
4.) Not being accepted by 3rd Degree Connections
5.) Too many pending invites

Sudden Change in Activity

New users or inactive users must turn on the account warmup feature to properly grow their activity based on LinkedIn's standards. Even if you were previously sending invites manually, you will still need to turn on the account warmup feature.

Account Warm-up Feature

If you take weeks or months off from sending invites and messages, then you will need to restart the account warmup process each time you restart sending out messages after a break.

Removing "People also Viewed"

Removing "People also Viewed" from Your LinkedIn Profile

Manually Sending Invitations

Kennected, even with the account warmup activated, is sending out the maximum amount of activity your profile can handle before being flagged. To prevent overuse out of your accounts, do not manually send invites or direct messages to people, while Kennected is doing all of that for you.

Sending 3rd-Degree Invites

3rd Degree connections have the ability to mark invite requests as someone they don't know because they don't have any mutual connections with you. Reaching out to 3rd Degree connections unsuccessfully can result in your accounts being marked as spam. Always focus on going after 2nd Degree Connections to achieve the best results.

Too Many Pending Invites

Pending Invite Threshold

View Pending Invites on LinkedIn