How to View or Edit your Sequence

If you want to view or make changes to any of your sequences, follow the steps in the guide below.

View details of your Sequence  (Name, Schedule, Target Audience, Messages and Delays)

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  1. Click on the "Sequences" tab

  2. Click on the three dots below "Options" for the sequence that you're wanting to view
  3. Click on "View"

  4. Your Sequence Details (Name, Sequence Type, Working Hours, LinkedIn URL, Messages) will appear in a list

  5. If you would like to view your target audience, click on the blue hyperlink

  6. Kennected will redirect you to the target search on LinkedIn

  7. You're also able to see your connection, follow-up messages, delays and withdraw request setup

  8. Go back to your Sequence window by clicking "Close"

Edit your Sequences (Name, Schedule, Messages, Delays and Withdraw Request)

  1. Pause your Sequence

  2. Click on the three dots below "Options" for the sequence that you wish to edit

  3. Select "Edit"

  4. Change the Sequence Name or set different working hours

  5. The Define Target Audience window will load. Here you can reset/refresh your LinkedIn search URL
  6. If you would like to edit your messages, click on the corresponding "Edit" icon

  7. Once you finish editing your message, click "Add"

  8. Submit your changes

  9. After submitting your changes, the "Sequences" tab will load

Note: If you have any questions regarding "How to View or Edit your Sequence", contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page