Template Tab

Create, edit and learn best practices for Templates.

Here are the number of templates that you can add:

Grow Plan - 20 templates

Ultimate Plan Unlimited templates


In this article we will review:

  1. How to Creat View, Edit or Delete Templates
  2. Default Templates VRS Owner Templates
  3. Best Practices when creating Templates
  4. Share templates among teammates

(Last Edited April 11th, 2022) 

How to View, Edit, or Delete Templates


1. Go to Template.


2. "Create Template" + "Title" + "Content" + Save

Create Template


1. Click the 'eye' icon to view the template.



2. You can now view the message template you crafted.



1. Click the 'pencil' icon.


2.  You can edit the Title and Content section. 

3. Click Update.



1. Click on the 'pencil' icon. 


2.  Select Delete.


3. A confirmation message will pop up on your screen and select OK.

Confirm Delete

Default Templates VRS Owner Templates


Default Templates: Your CloudKennect account will have 12 default preset templates, 4 templates per approach (networking, recruiting & sales), they cannot be edited, shared or deleted. These templates will help you save time when creating your sequences, though we highly suggest using them as a reference and changing the verbiage you don't have to reinvent the wheel or look for scripts in your browser. 

Owner Templates: These are the templates you personally created. You can edit, share them among teammates or delete them. 

Best Practices when creating Templates

Create at least the following Templates:

  • Connection Message
  • 1st Followup
  • 2nd Followup
  • 3rd Followup
  • 4th Hail Mary / Include your sales pitch here
  • Calendar Link
  • More information about your company or services

Be proactive, and think of all potential responses you'll get. Once you get a response you have full control of the conversation. This will allow you to have a ready-to-send response. How?  You can use templates in the CloudKennect Inbox.  Templates

Share templates among teammates

This feature only applies to teammates.


Here are the number of templates that you can add:

Grow Plan - 20 templates
Ultimate Plan - Unlimited templates

If you have any questions regarding  the "Template Tab" contact us at support@kennected.io