How to Use Templates in Your Inbox

Learn how to effectively use templates when messaging prospects through Kennected's inbox feature.

Steps for using a Template in Your Inbox

Follow the video tutorial below or continue reading the knowledge base article.

HubSpot Video
  1. Create templates under the "Template" tab

  2. You will be able to view all of your previously created templates here as well. If you haven't created a template yet, check out the article on How to Create Templates
  3. Go to Inbox

  4.  Go to the conversation you want to reply to using your Template

  5. Click on the chat icon beside the text field to show all of the templates you've created. Choose which template is applicable as your response.
  6. Click on the template and it will populate in the text field.

  7. Click "Send" and you are good to go!

Three Types of Templates You Should Have

  1. People always ask for more information. Instead of typing it every time, you can create a template giving them more information about your business and what you do
  2. A call to action (CTA). This may include a Calendly or other virtual calendar link for the target audience to book a call once they say "Yes"
  3. For people who will say "No, I am not interested", you can create a template thanking them and loop back to them, asking if they may be available sometime in the near future for a phone call in order to relieve pressure.

Here are the number of templates that you can add:

Grow Plan - 20 templates

Ultimate Plan - Unlimited templates

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