How to Remove Initials when Using a Name Tag?

Learn how to utilize the Kennected name scrubber to clean up user first names in your messaging sequences.

(Last Edited April 11th, 2022)

Initials and Titles in LinkedIn

Sometimes, LinkedIn users like to get a bit creative or formal with their publicly displayed names. This ends up with users' names showing as "John T Smith" or "Ms. Anna <3 Hendrickson" for example. This creates a problem for message sequencing as no real person would likely ever address someone using titles, special characters or emoticons. To alleviate this issue, Kennected has a feature called the Name Scrubber which is meant to clear up users' name fields on LinkedIn.

Name Scrubber Best Practices

You'll first want to add the following in your Name Scrubber: 


It's important to leave the period after the letter so as to catch middle initials being placed in name fields. You can also add in any other titles to the name scrubber as well. All you must do is add a comma between each item you want to scrub out of a name.

For example,


Using the line above will fix your message sequences to avoid those trip ups.

  • Dr. John Smith - "Hey Dr. John!" will become "Hey John!"
  • Michael (he/him) Myers - "Hey Michael (he/!" will become "Hey Michael!"

Locating the Name Scrubber

  1. Go to the "Settings" tab, select "Global Settings" at the top

  2. Add to your Name Scrubber using the guide above


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