How to Leverage LinkedIn Recruiter with Cloud Kennect

Learn how to utilize the different platforms in a way they can support each other

Can Recruiter be used alongside Cloud Kennect?

Yes! Many companies discover they no longer need Recruiter when using Cloud Kennect, but there are ways to leverage them together. 

Are there any obstacles?

Recruiter requires 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) to log in, which will continuously cause it to disconnect from Cloud Kennect. We recommend choosing 1-2 days a week for Recruiter activities. The you can turn off 2FA, re-sync with Cloud Kennect if needed, and run your sequences the rest of the week. 

Can I use Recruiter links to create sequences?

No. Recruiter links are not compatible with Cloud Kennect. However, you can download lists as CSV files (keep reading!), which can then be uploaded as your sequence source. You still have the option of creating a hyper-targeted search in your regular LinkedIn (Learn how to search for your target audience on LinkedIn)


What to know about using Recruiter

  •  Set aside time on Monday and Tuesday (or any two consecutive days) for Recruiter activities

  • Make sure Cloud Kennect sequences are paused before you log in to Recruiter

  • When you're done with Recruiter activity for the week, turn off your 2FA in LinkedIn (Settings - Sign in & Security - Two Step Verification)

What to know about using Cloud Kennect

  • If your LinkedIn profile is disconnected, you will need to reconnect to get started 

Disconnected View

Profile Not Connected 

Connected View

Profile Connected

  • Click "Continue" on your paused sequences
  • At the end of the week, "Pause" your sequences again so you are ready to use Recruiter again!


How can I leverage the prospects in my Recruiter Pipeline with Cloud Kennect?

  1. In Recruiter, click on the "Projects" tab, and then click "Pipeline"ProjectsPipeline
  2. In the Pipline, select your prospects, then click "Save to CSV"

Select and Save to CSV

Once you have your CSV file, you will just need to copy and paste the URLs into a new spreadsheet. Make sure that the formatting is compatible with Cloud Kennect, and then the file will be ready to be used in a sequence!