How to Filter "Responded" Messages on Kennected Inbox

Learn how to filter your messages using Kennected's integrated inbox for LinkedIn.

Simple Message Filtering

Find responded messages from your sequences under the Inbox tab. Follow the steps below to easily filter your LinkedIn conversations on Kennected.

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  1. Go to "Inbox"

  2. Find all filters on the top, click the "All" filter and select "Responded"

  3. All responded messages will populate on the right side, under "Search". Click on the name and the conversation will be displayed. Engage with your prospects and keep the conversation going smoothly through Kennected

Common Questions

Is there any way to filter only for the messages that are awaiting a response?

No, however those conversations will populate first in the list.

How can I view unread messages?

Unread messages will populate in the inbox with bold, grey lettering

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