How to Create an Invitation Sequence (2nd Degree Connections)

Automate Invitations and Follow-Ups.

(Last Edited March 28th, 2022)

Create a Sequence for your 2nd Degree Connections

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In this article we will review:

  1. Create a New Sequence
  2. Search for your Target Audience on LinkedIn with the Boolean Search
  3. Setup Connection Message and Follow-Up Messages
  4. Setup your Delays and Withdraw Connections Request
  5. Start Sequence + Account Warmup

Step 1: Create a New Sequence

  1. Click on "Add New"

  2. Select Sequence Type (Invitation Sequence)

  3. Name the Sequence related to your target audience, select your Working Hours and click "Next"

Step 2: Search for your Target Audience on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn Search Results should be:

  • Less than 1,000 results for Free or Premium LinkedIn
  • Less than 2,500 results for Sales Navigator
  1. Click on LinkedIn Search or Sales Navigator; the link will redirect you to a LinkedIn tab

  2. Please refer to this article for steps to building your search in LinkedIn. How to Search for Your Target Audience on LinkedIn

    Step 3: Setup Connection Message and Follow-Up Messages

    1. Click on "Set Connection Message"
    2. Type a new message and personalize it with the "Insert Tag" function or select a template you've already created from the template tab

    3. Your personalized message should resonate with your target audience.
    4. Click on "Set Follow-up message"

    5. Create your 1st follow-up message and click "Add"

    6. If you would like to add a 2nd follow-up, click on "Set Follow-Up Message", create your message, and click "Add"

    Step 4: Setup your Delays + Account Warmup

    1. Set up your Delays
      The first follow-up message will be sent after the setup delay, if the connection is accepted. 
      Future Follow-ups will be sent if your prospect does not reply. 
      The automated messages will stop when you receive a message back. 
    2. In case your request to connect was not accepted, set up the days before withdrawing the connection request between 5 and 10 days
    3. Click on "Submit"
    4. Your sequence is ready to start!

    Recommended Delays:

    1. 1st Follow Up: Same Day + random minutes or 1 day + random minutes after the connection is accepted.
    2. 2nd Follow Up: 3-5 days after 1st Follow Up
    3. 3rd Follow Up: 4-6 days after 2nd Follow Up

    There is no magic formula for delays. It is up to you and your audience how you set up the delays for each follow-up. We suggest you test them and find out what is ideal. 

    Step 5: Start your Sequence

    1. Assign a "Per Day Limit"
    2. If you are running several sequences at a time, your Daily Limit should be distributed between the sequences you will be running
    3. Apply Account Warm-Up if it's the first time you run an Invitation Sequence or Reset your Account Warmup if you had an Active sequence. 
    4. Press "Start"

    5. Your sequence is now Active!
    6. If you would like to make any changes to your sequence, click on "Pause" under the "Action" column

    CautionApply Account Warm-Up if it's the first time you run an Invitation Sequence or Reset it if you have an Active sequence. 

    If you have an active sequence, count how many invites you sent out the day before and set up the account warm-up starting from that number. 

    For Example:

    You sent 30 invites yesterday, then you'll set up the account warmup starting at 30. 

    Note: If you have any questions regarding the "Invitation Sequence" feature, contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page