How to Create a Lead List in Sales Navigator?

Steps required to create and use a List as Target Audience in a Sequence

Follow the video tutorial or continue reading the knowledge base article.

HubSpot Video

1. Go to Sales Navigator.

2. Go to Saved Searches.

3. Choose a search item under Name. Click on it to open.

4. When you go through the list from the search item that you opened, you won't necessarily need to connect to all of them. You can choose the ones you really need and tick on the boxes beside the name of those who you want to connect with.

5. Before you go to the next page, go up to the top of the list and click on Save To List button.

6. Click on Create a lead list. Fill out the boxes.

7. You can do the same page by page. 

The following article will walk you through how to use a lead list for your sequence (Click Here to View)

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