How to Clone a Template

Learn how to make teammates' templates your own through Kennected's template cloning feature.

Cloning Templates Has Never Been Easier

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Template cloning will only apply to accounts under a teammate structure. This means that the function does not apply to individual users (as opposed to enterprise or company users) in most cases.

If a teammate shares a template with you, you'll want to clone it in order to make use of it. You will notice that you don't have the ability to edit a shared template as the option will be greyed out. The reason you cannot make any changes is that you are not the original template owner. To begin the process of cloning, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the CLONE icon (which appears as two overlapping squares)
  2. You will then become the owner of the cloned template

  3. Upon becoming the owner, you can make any necessary changes to the template in question

  4. Make any desired or necessary changes to the template, personalize it, and then click "Update" to save  any changes

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