How to Add or Edit Working Hours

If you want to change or add new working hours to a Kennected sequence, follow the steps in this knowledge base article.

How to Add or Edit Working Hours

Follow the video tutorial below or continue to read the knowledge base article.

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Depending on who you are reaching out to, or if you are reaching out to people that are in different time zones, adding/creating new Working Hours in CloudKennect will help ensure that connection invitations are sent during their working hours.

There are currently two methods for setting working hours in the CloudKennect app.

From Global Settings

  1. Click "Settings"
  2. Click "Global Settings"
  3. Click "Add New"

  4. Enter a name for the new Working Hour, select the days and time frequencies, then click "Add" to save it

From Sequence Creation

  1. Click "Sequences"
  2. Click "Add New" (if it is a new sequence) or any of the 3 dots from your available sequences to bring up the "Edit" action button

  3. Click "Edit"

  4. On the Details tab, Click "Add New", select the days and time frequencies, then click "Add"

  5. In order to use the newly created Working Hours, ensure the circle on the left is selected
  6. Click "Next" and "Submit" to save and complete the sequence

Note: If it's a new sequence, complete first your connection message and Follow-up messages prior to clicking Next and Submit

***Alternatively, if you need to edit Working Hours, simply click again on Settings then  Global Settings. Navigate to the Working Hours you would like to edit and click the 3 dots to bring up the "Edit" action button again:


Your daily limit will reset every 24 hrs.  The moon icon next to each sequence will show you the cooldown time remaining before they will begin sending out invitation again. The moon will also show next to a sequence that is currently outside of its set working hours.

Note: If you have any questions regarding "How to Add or Edit Working Hours" feature, contact us at or file a ticket on this page