How does the Blocklist Work?

Learn about the Kennected Blocklist feature and how to strategically utilize it to avoid sending connection requests to specific users or companies.

Blocklist Categories

The Kennected Blocklist is divided into two distinct categories: Profiles & Companies

Profile Blocklist

The Profile Blocklist is further divided into two types: Manually Added or Added by Sequence (as seen in the image below).

Manually Added
Kennected will skip out on sending an invitation to any profile that is added to the Blocklist. This is useful when you don't want to reach out to current or previous clients, direct competitors, or family members with your Kennected campaigns/sequences. This applies only to 2nd & 3rd-degree connections.

Added by Sequence
When a profile is added by a sequence, it means that you have sent an invite to them through a Kennected Sequence. This will prevent Kennected from reaching out twice and protect your LinkedIn account from appearing as suspicious due to spam.

Company Blocklist

Kennected also provides the option to avoid connecting with prospects that are currently working at a specific company.

  • If any company is listed here, Kennected will skip all profiles who are currently working at that company
  • You can also add a list of companies to blacklist using a CSV file. Make sure to download the sample file and follow the format of the LinkedIn profile URL

Tip: Add companies to your Blocklist before you start your sequence. If you forgot to add them before starting your sequence, you might want to reach out to your prospects that were not a part of your ideal audience.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the "Blocklist" feature, contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page