Group Targeting Sequence

Create a Messaging Sequence to Target Group Members

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(Last Edited April 11th, 2022)

Targeting group members can help you build stronger relationships. Kennected allows you to build a messaging sequence and make great use of up to 300 message credits per day. 

In this article we will review:

  1. Benefits of becoming a member in a group
  2. To consider before your outreach
  3. Limitations
  4. How to Target Group Members

Benefits of becoming a member in a group:

  • LinkedIn allows you to send direct messages to any member of the group you are in. 
  • There is no limit to how many direct messages you send to other group members (you don’t need to be connected to them to send them a message and no InMail credits are required)
  • Great opportunity to raise your profile in your industry and become better known in your target market

Searching for a Group?

There are around 2 Million groups in LinkedIn (Take a Look at the Group Directory)

Our suggestion is to create a messaging sequence with no connection invite, therefore it will count against your message credits. 

To consider before your outreach:

Try to become active in the group

  • Post original content that is relevant to the group; create a poll, offer help, celebrate an occasion, share an invite to an event, look or offer help. 

Your post will only be visible in the group’s homepage and not your feed. Group admins have the access to delete group posts at their discretion. Contact your group admin if your post is deleted.


  1. LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups
  2. Posting the same content across multiple groups could get your account restricted. 
  3. When creating a sequence for group members use a regular LinkedIn list (not a sales navigator)
  4. You can’t filter a group (Unless using sales nav but then must create an invitation campaign)
  5. Some admins are strict when managing a group, posts might be rejected if your content is unrelated. Be mindful of the content you are sharing with members and read the group rules if they have any.  

If you’re a group member or admin, you can share content in your group’s feed. If your group owner has enabled the post review settings, then the post will only be available after the admin reviews and approves the post.

Group Targeting Sequence is applicable for,

Sales Navigator URL:
                               Invitation Sequence - Yes
                               Message Sequence - No

Regular LinkedIn URL:
                               Invitation Sequence - Yes
                               Message Sequence - Yes

How to Target Group Members

1. Go to your LinkedIn account.

2. If you are part of any groups, click on the group name. 

3. On top, you can see the number of members in your group.

4. From the group name, click on See all. It will give you the list of the members of the group.

5. Copy the URL of the group

6. Go to your Kennected account, go to Sequences click on Add New button 

7. Let's go ahead and set up a Messaging Sequence.

8. Add a sequence name, set working hours, and click Next.

9. Paste the LinkedIn URL for the group which we click on and copied earlier. 

10. Set up your message to the Targeted Group and Submit it. 

11. Assign the message credits per day as desired when creating a messaging sequence. 

Insightful Tip:

You can send an invite to all members with an invitation sequence or you can create a messaging sequence which we suggest since you can send a ton of messages without sending an invite. 

Note: If you have any questions regarding "Group Targeting Sequence", contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page