Does Kennected Integrate with CRMs?

Learn about Kennected and how it can integrate with the top CRMs on the market.

(Last Edited November 9, 2022)

CRM Integration

Kennected natively integrates with HubSpot, Close CRM, Insightly, and Pipedrive. If you need to integrate with Salesforce or ZOHO CRM reach out to our support or sales team. 

For other all other third-party CRMs, you will have to check if they can be integrated through Zapier. If so, you will need a paid Zapier account. Check if your CRM is compatible with Zapier - Click Here

If your CRM is compatible with Zapier then please follow this guide - Getting Started with Zapier Integration using Kennected



In order to integrate with a CRM on Kennected, navigate to the left sidebar and click on "Integration". From there, you can select your CRM and integrate either through a third-party login or an API key. Refer to your CRM manager for more information on API keys and how to locate yours.


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