Adding a Profile to the Blocklist

Learn how to blocklist individual LinkedIn profiles through the CloudKennect app.

(Last Edited April 11th, 2022)

Avoid reaching out to competitors or previous coworkers by adding them to your Kennected blocklist. 

Note: The Blocklist only applies to 2nd & 3rd-degree connections.


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  1. Select the "Blocklist" tab
  2. Click "Profile"
  3. On the top right of the Blocklist page, click on"+ Add to Blocklist"

  4. You will need the LinkedIn Public ID from the individual you would like to avoid reaching out to

  5. Go to LinkedIn, search for their profile and copy the URL at the top of the webpage

  6. Paste the URL into the field labeled "LinkedIn Public ID"

  7. Write a description for the blocklisted profile if needed and then click "Save"

  8. The user's name will be added to the blocklist and will be classified as Manually Added.


Added by Sequence VRS Manually Added

Once they receive an invitation to connect from you, they will be automatically added to the blocklist and classify them by Added by Sequence. This is how Kennected works in order to avoid reaching out to the same prospect twice. 

Manually Added are all profiles that you added following the previous steps. 

Note: If you have any questions regarding the "Blocklist" feature, contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page