Adding Email Step in the Sequences

Your Guide on Sending Emails From Your Kennected Sequences to Automate Your Lead Generation Process

Email is known for being the most effective outreach method, and is widely used by over 90% of marketers as their primary lead gen and an outbound channel.


Adding the most popular outbound channel with LinkedIn outbound sequences will skyrocket your lead gen process.


In this article, I want to introduce a new feature that can add Email Steps to your Kennected outbound sequences


I use GSuite, so here in this tutorial, I'll show how to connect GSuite SMTP, if you use any other providers, please refer to their SMTP configurations. Here is the SMTP configuration for GSuite, click here.

Overview of this article:

  1. Create App-Specific Passwords in GSuite for Kennected

  2. Steps to connect your Google Account with Kennected
  3. Steps to add an Email Step to a Kennected Sequence

Note: This method will send emails to the Email Address provided by the Prospect on their LinkedIn Profiles.


Create App-Specific Password in GSuite for Kennected

App Password is a secure method of accessing/ sharing your GSuite Apps access with other Apps, without sharing your actual GSuite password with those apps. And the best thing about this feature is that you don't have to turn off your 2-step verification to use this feature.


Here are the steps to create an App Password for Kennected

  1. Open your My Account for your Google Account, and navigate to Security Section

  2. Now, scroll to Signing in to Google block, and click on App Passwords (Make sure you have 2-Step Verification Enabled)

  3. Enter your Google Password to authenticate your account, and once inside the App Password tab, click on Select App, choose Other (Custom App), name it as Kennected, and click Generate button to create your App Password.

  4. This will create a unique password for your Google Account, and you will be using this password in the later steps which connect your Google Account with Kennected.


Steps to connect your Google Account with Kennected:

  1. Navigate to Profile Setting in Kennected, and on the top menu select SMTP settings.

  2. Now back to Kennected SMTP settings, first select the SMTP provider, select Gmail/ GSuite, add Senders Name, Email Address using that you'll use to send Emails, and finally the App Password we created in the Previous Steps.

  3. In the Advanced Options, add the SMTP ports and Encryption. In this tutorial, I'll use SSL Encryption, but you can use any other as you see fit. Set SMTP Port as 465, Select the Encryption as SSL and hit the Save button.

On Save, you will get the message that the connection was built successfully.

(For more information on Google SMTP settings, Read this.)

Steps to add an Email Step to a Kennected Sequence

  1. Navigate to Outbound Sequences in Kennected, and Create a new Invitation type sequence.

  2. Add the name to the sequence, set the working hours, then provide the target audience, and finally, we will reach the Messaging step, and here we set out messaging.

  3. Add a LinkedIn connection message, and needed Followup Messages.

  4. Once you're on the step where you want to add an email step where if there is no response to your earlier LinkedIn Followup Message you would like to send an email to this prospect. Click on the Set Email Step button next, and compose the email you would like to send.

  5. Once you have added all the messaging and email, Submit the sequence, set the Per Day Limit for the sequence, and start the Sequence.