Account Warm Up Feature

This new feature will help warm up your LinkedIn account and scale safely.

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(Last Edited March 28th, 2022)

The Account Warmup is a safety feature that will help you gradually scale the number of invites you're sending through Kennected. 

It is in our best interest to keep your account safe from unusual activity that could trigger a LinkedIn restriction.  

In this article we will review:

  1. How to set up the Account Warm-Up?
  2. How to confirm my Account Warmup is on?
  3. Do I need to adjust my account warmup when adding a new sequence?

How to set up the Account Warm-Up?

1. Click the Account Warmup tab.

2. Toggle the switch ON

3. Set up your Start and End Limit

If you have an idea of how many invitations you've been sending out daily beforehand, you can start around that number and gradually increase. 

Start with:

7-8 Invite - If you haven't been active on LinkedIn prior to using Kennected

15-20 invites - If you've sent approximately 25 invites per day

End limit: 60 is recommended

4. Select Increase by 2

5. Select Step Length (days)

2 Days are recommended

6. Select Apply

Once the Auto WarmUp feature is active it will gradually increase the number of invites for you. 

How will it gradually increase the number of Invites?

Day 1, 8 Invites

Day 2, 8 Invites

Day 3, 10 Invites

Day 4, 10 Invites

Day 5,  12 Invites

It will gradually increase the invites sent to make it look organic. 

How to confirm my Account Warmup is on?

Access your sequences and look for "Account warmup on" as displayed in the image below.  

One Last Step

Make sure to distribute your per-day limit depending on how many sequences you wish to run and have active. Since the account warmup will work on the back end, distribute the maximum number of invites, this will allow the account warm-up to scale. 

You can start all your sequences at the same time, the platform Kennected is only going to send the start limit. 

Do I need to adjust my account warmup when adding a new sequence?

Yes, if you already send 30 invites per day. Go back to the Account Warm-Up tab, turn the toggle OFF and switch it back ON and adjust it starting at 30 invites. Click Apply.

Redistribute the number of invites sent per day in the sequence tab.

How does it work?  Once adjusted the account warmup will recognize the new sequence and it will not be compromised. 

If you have any questions regarding the "Account Warm-up Feature" contact us at