Account Warm-Up

This feature will help you ramp up the number of invites per day you will be sending.

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If you are brand new to Kennected, your account will automatically start in the account warm-up. It is in our best interest to keep your account safe to avoid experiencing any restrictions or even worst LinkedIn jail. 

We're going to start at somewhere between 10-15, this will depend on your SSI score and how many connections you have. 

1. Start at 10 and set up the max depending on your subscriptions plan (this could be 30, 60 or 100 invites)

2. Set up the Increase by 2 invites, this feature allows you to increase up to 5 invites at a time.  

3.  Setup the Step Length (days), adjust how often you want to increase the invites. Here, we will choose 3 days.

4. Select Apply

5. It will automatically increase by 2 invites every 3 days. That will eliminate you from having to come in and do that manually. 

6. Verify that the Account Warmnup feature is active. Access your sequences and view next to the invite limit per day if it's on. 


How will the account warmup works if I have 5 active sequences?

First distribute the number of invites to all sequences. If your daily limit is 100 invites, you can distribute them evenly, 20 invites each. 

Based on the example we just gave on how to set up the account warm-up feature, let say we will start sending 10 invites, increase 2 invites every 3 days. 

Kennected is going to work through the order of actions that we have. It will send out invitations from each one of the sequences. It's not going to distribute 2 on each sequence, this will vary depending on how the actions are set up. 

Note: If you have any questions regarding "Account Warm-up", contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page